100 pushups!

One of my New Year Resolution was to do 100 pushups at once.  I took a quick test and found that I can’t do more than 10 at once :). Well that was not a bad start. All I wanted was some steady program which will help me to reach my goal of 100 pushups.(…)

Give your IDEA a chance!

Happy New Year! I thought to start the New Year with one of my all time favorite motivational video. I watch this video at-least twice a month. I am sure you will like it too!

Have a Breakfast…OR…Be Breakfast

An interesting management article from Dr.YLR Moorthi. I got this article via email in 2007-2008 time frame from one of my close friend and thought to share it on my blog. Have Breakfast… or…Be Breakfast! Who sells the largest number of cameras in India? Your guess is likely to be Sony, Canon or Nikon. Answer(…)

Event Order in Javascript

While back I came across a very good article explaining about how the event order works in JavaScript. And today I thought to jot the important take away points in this blog. (Also to test how well I understood the concept :). Check the reference section for the source article. So the question is –(…)

jQuery’s .bind(), .live(), .delegate() and .on()

Howdy! There! It was a Saturday afternoon and I was relaxing + watching ‘Monk’ on my laptop. Suddenly from nowhere my wife jumped next to me and shouted ‘why the Helll! – anchor link doesn’t work, every time I update the section of a website?’. I was all confused and after pausing the show I(…)

CSS3 Animation

The CSS3 Animation Module goes beyond what one can do with CSS3 Transitions, allowing animations to be applied directly to elements with a syntax that is more flexible and permits more granular control. Animations and transitions have quite a lot of syntax in common, but the process of creating animations is very different. First, you(…)

CSS3 Selectors

CSS3 provides three new attribute selectors and one new combinator – that is, a selector that joins other selectors together, such as the child or descendant combinators from CSS2. These selectors are defined in Selectors Level 3 Module, which currently has the status of Proposed Recommendation. This status means the module is widely accepted and(…)

Ever wonder what does the 16 digits on your credit card means

I recently started using a budget planner application call Mint. Its Awesome!. I personally found it very helpful in keeping track of my all expenses. It let me set the budget for different categories like gas, shopping, food etc on monthly basis. And whenever I reach near or cross the budget for any item –(…)