Drupal 7 – How to create Slideshow using Views 3 module?

Recently I built a Slideshow for one of my Drupal 7 site using Views 3 module and jQuery Cycle plugin for effects.


  • Views 3 plugin installed and running
  • Views Slide show and Views Slideshow:plugin installed and running
  • Your current theme have a dedicated region to show slideshow


Company’s website needs a stunning slideshow banner on homepage to engage the user.


  1. Create a Content Type ‘Homepage Slideshow
  2. (Optional) In Form Submission setting you can un-check the Body text-area as we will not be using it
  3. Add an Image Field to Homepage Slideshow content type and  lets label it as  Upload Image:
  4. Configure Image Field so that user can upload multiple images
  5. Create a page using HomePage Slideshow content type and upload 5-6 images that you want to appear in slideshow
  6. Now create a new View and lets call it HomePage Slideshow
  7. As we  will only need a Block View for this, we will un-check option to create a Page View
  8. Give the appropriate value for Title and for Block name lets call it HomePage Slideshow
  9. Under Format select Slideshow as the option. Tweak the settings as per you need
  10. For the Show option under Format section select Field. Leave the settings for field as it is
  11. Under Fields section select the Upload Image (the one we created in step 3)
  12. Filter Criteria would be Content: Published (Yes) and Content Type (=Homepage Slideshow)
  13. Save the View
  14. Visit the Block Overview section. If everything went well you should be seeing a block called ‘Homepage Slideshow’ under Disabled section.
  15. Push the Homepage Slideshow block to the Region where you want slideshow to appear.
  16. Save the block and visit the page  to verify that it’s working fine.

Attached is the  screen shot of Views setting

Drupal 7 – How to create Slideshow using Views 3 module?

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