Know your events

Today I am going to share with you a very handy JavaScript Bookmarklet that I often use to identify which events are subscribed to a given DOM element. It saves a lot of time as I can visually check the bounded events without digging into the code. The Bookmarklet name is Visual Event and is(…)

Head.js – Javascript loader

You can improve the page load time of you website/app  by loading the js files in parallel. Today’s modern browser can load upto 6 files in parallel. But if you feel that’s not enough I encourage you to check out the head.js file. It’s simply awesome.  

Event Order in Javascript

While back I came across a very good article explaining about how the event order works in JavaScript. And today I thought to jot the important take away points in this blog. (Also to test how well I understood the concept :). Check the reference section for the source article. So the question is –(…)

jQuery’s .bind(), .live(), .delegate() and .on()

Howdy! There! It was a Saturday afternoon and I was relaxing + watching ‘Monk’ on my laptop. Suddenly from nowhere my wife jumped next to me and shouted ‘why the Helll! – anchor link doesn’t work, every time I update the section of a website?’. I was all confused and after pausing the show I(…)