CSS Sprite

So what is CSS Sprite? CSS Srite is a simple technique of combining several small images into one big image and than using CSS background position property to show the specific image part on the webpage. What’s the advantage of implementing it? It can improve your overall page loading time by reducing the total number(…)

Responsive Youtube Video

I realized that the Youtube videos that I was embedding in my posts were not Responsive. On smaller screen devices or when you re-size your browser, the blog post layout was getting all messed up. Anyway, below is the solution I borrowed from Jonathan Shu’s blog post to make videos on my posts responsive. Jonathan(…)

CSS3 Generators

Today I am going to share a list of CSS3 feature generators. I found them often useful and handy. CSS3 Maker CSS3 Generator CSS3 Gen CSS3 Gradient Generator CSS3 Button Generator      

CSS3 Animation

The CSS3 Animation Module goes beyond what one can do with CSS3 Transitions, allowing animations to be applied directly to elements with a syntax that is more flexible and permits more granular control. Animations and transitions have quite a lot of syntax in common, but the process of creating animations is very different. First, you(…)

CSS3 Selectors

CSS3 provides three new attribute selectors and one new combinator – that is, a selector that joins other selectors together, such as the child or descendant combinators from CSS2. These selectors are defined in Selectors Level 3 Module, which currently has the status of Proposed Recommendation. This status means the module is widely accepted and(…)