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Never Quit!

“If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride – and never quit, you’ll be a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards.” Paul Bryant

CSS Sprite

So what is CSS Sprite? CSS Srite is a simple technique of combining several small images into one big image and than using CSS background position property to show the specific image part on the webpage. What’s the advantage of implementing it? It can improve your overall page loading time by reducing the total number(…)

Responsive Youtube Video

I realized that the Youtube videos that I was embedding in my posts were not Responsive. On smaller screen devices or when you re-size your browser, the blog post layout was getting all messed up. Anyway, below is the solution I borrowed from Jonathan Shu’s blog post to make videos on my posts responsive. Jonathan(…)

Drupal 7 – How to create Slideshow using Views 3 module?

Recently I built a Slideshow for one of my Drupal 7 site using Views 3 module and jQuery Cycle plugin for effects. Assumptions Views 3 plugin installed and running Views Slide show and Views Slideshow:plugin installed and running Your current theme have a dedicated region to show slideshow Requirement Company’s website needs a stunning slideshow(…)

Pay It Forward

As per Wikipedia the definition of Pay It Forward is – The expression “pay it forward” is used to describe the concept of asking the beneficiary of a good deed to “repay” it to others instead of to the original benefactor.  I found two videos which describes this concept very well.  Both  are my favorite(…)

Drupal 7 – How to create a page specific banner?

Recently I was building a project using Drupal 7 and there was need to have a page specific banner. I know there are multiple ways it can be done, but I was interested in building this feature using  Views 3 module and Image field. I wanted to keep the things simple and clean for non-technical(…)

How D-SLR Camera Works?

Today was my first class at New England School of Photography and it was really good. I learned how D-SLR camera works from inside out. Prof. Steven Sangalang showed us a video explaining the basic working principle of any D-SLR. It’s always good to know about the Object (in this case D-SLR camera) and how they(…)

Book of Speed!

True front-end developer will always consider the performance as part of his coding. The fancy UI is of no use if takes longer to load/response and drives away the user. The good news is we can improve the page performance by following some basic principles. The BOOK OF SPEED by Stoyan Stefanov talks about some(…)

Difference between Discussion and Argument

In my professional career I have seen many times a good healthy discussion getting converted into a fierce Argument. And the sad part is people in room don’t realize that. I have learned a very simple definition of each to distinguish the two Discussion – > What IS Right? Argument – ->Who IS Right? So(…)

CSS3 Generators

Today I am going to share a list of CSS3 feature generators. I found them often useful and handy. CSS3 Maker CSS3 Generator CSS3 Gen CSS3 Gradient Generator CSS3 Button Generator      

End of World!

Today I learned how the World is going to End. Seriously!. The author has explained it brilliantly. Check out the flash animation below Source: http://www.endofworld.net

CSS Hack for WebKit browsers ( Chrome & Safari)

I personally don’t recommend such hacks if things can be sorted out by fixing the HTML structure and CSS. Anyway, there might be a situation where company needs a minor cross-browser bug to be fixed without changing a whole lot of existing code + the fix should not take more than an hour. In such(…)

Know your events

Today I am going to share with you a very handy JavaScript Bookmarklet that I often use to identify which events are subscribed to a given DOM element. It saves a lot of time as I can visually check the bounded events without digging into the code. The Bookmarklet name is Visual Event and is(…)

Head.js – Javascript loader

You can improve the page load time of you website/app  by loading the js files in parallel. Today’s modern browser can load upto 6 files in parallel. But if you feel that’s not enough I encourage you to check out the head.js file. It’s simply awesome. http://headjs.com/  

My 2013 Goals!

Happy New Year!. It’s second day of the new year and I am sitting with a cup of coffee and a list of things that I have decided to accomplish in year 2013. This year I thought to publish my Goals  for year 2013 to Public. This may sound crazy but trust me, every visit(…)