My 2013 Goals!

Happy New Year!.

It’s second day of the new year and I am sitting with a cup of coffee and a list of things that I have decided to accomplish in year 2013. This year I thought to publish my Goals  for year 2013 to Public. This may sound crazy but trust me, every visit on this page will encourage me to keep up with my goals. I will also be posting progress/updates on each of my goals. If you have any suggestion or idea which will help me in keeping up with my goals, please drop me a line

Goals to keep me Fit and Active

Learn to Ski

Update 01/06/2013

Enrolled myself for 6 weeks beginner lessons at Nashoba Valley Westford, MA 01886

Learn to Ice Skate

Update 01/05/2013

Enrolled myself for 10 weeks Ice Skate lessons at Stoneham Arena, Stoneham, MA

Stay fit – workout at least 4 times a week

Update 01/02/2013

Started P90X program at home.

Take the 100 push ups challenge

Finish at least one 5k Marathon

Avoid SODA – Max two per month

Include  Juices (Fruits & Vegetables) more in diet

Goals to enhance my Creativity

Improve Photography Skills

Update 01/02/2013

Enrolled my self at New England School of Photography

Expertise Photoshop and Learn Photo Editing

Goals to succeed Professionally

Keep learning and sharing each day

Check out ‘What I Learned Today‘  section of the site

Attend at least one professional meetup per month

Read at least one highly acclaimed book on Leadership, Time Management

Write at least one blog a month on new/upcoming technology  (front-end programming)